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We chatted to ARRCC and this
is what they had to say about Lumion 10…

As interior designers for residential, hospitality and commercial projects, which is ARRCC’s preferred area of design?

“Each area presents its own benefits and challenges – we don’t believe in limiting ourselves to one singular facet but rather seek to push the envelope ever further in the various fields of design”

“We work in all areas of design and thrive on the range of unique challenges each area presents. That being said, we do find that Residential is the predominant area of our works completed to date.”

With all the available rendering software on the market,
what made ARRCC opt for Lumion?

“Render speed, intuitive navigation/controls & compatibility with Revit,
the ease of use & speed factor as compared to most other software, I believe is Lumions hook. The ability to use it as a design tool throughout the design process as opposed to only being able to capture the finished product is also key.”

What is ARRCC’s preferred interior design feature within Lumion?

“Realistic textures & visible lighting effects within the model environment allowing the user to preview their work before they render.”

What has been ARRCC’s most challenging project and was Lumion able to assist in its success?

“Cheetah Plains. The need to have to change building locations and re-design constantly while situated within a dense population of trees and bushes would have been extremely tricky on most software. Lumion, however, definitely assisted this process with its ease of use and ability to quickly turn, move, twist and view objects in the built environment – while constantly rendering test images to help obtain the desired outcome.”

What noticeable benefits has ARRCC experienced from
the use of Lumion?

“Reduced render times, more efficient work flows & higher quality design visualisations.”

Since ARRCC began using Lumion, an upgrade has always been done as soon as a new version is released, why does ARRCC feel it is so important to progress?

“It is imperative to stay up to date in order to remain relevant and compete at the forefront of our industry.”

“Lumion has become an irreplaceable design tool from concept through to completion of the design process.”

Luke Zanon  Interior Designer for ARRCC