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and this is what they had to say about Lumion

While it is clear that you work on both commercial and residential projects, what is DMV Architecture’s preferred clientele/design style?

“DMV Architecture doesn’t have a set design style, our ideas evolve from our clients brief (which includes their own tastes), budget and site.”

441 St Francis Links

What is ARRCC’s preferred interior design feature within Lumion?

“Realistic textures & visible lighting effects within the model environment allowing the user to preview their work before they render.”


What was your rendering/design situation prior to the implementation of Lumion?

“DMV Architecture used sketching and SkechUp as presentation tools prior to using Lumion.”

House Welgemoed

What is DMV Architecture’s preferred Lumion feature?

“DMV Architectures preferred feature on Lumion is the Live sync tool, it has drastically simplified the presentation process, since designs are always evolving and deadlines are strict, we find this tool helps us achieve our deadlines.”

The River Retreat

We noticed that DMV Architecture use Lumion Video as a step in presenting your designs, why do you use this option?

“DMV Architecture prefer to incorporate Lumion walkthroughs when presenting a design for the first time to clients, to help the clients see how we as Architects have shaped their needs into spaces that are dynamic and functional. Our clients can then provide valid feedback and make comfortable decisions when deciding to move forward to construction by knowing what the built product will look like.”

Has Lumion’s speed ever saved you in meeting a deadline?

“Lumion has sped up the creative process involved in presentations as it is an adaptive user friendly presentation tool. Our deadlines are often tight, and Lumion has allowed us to provide more content to help tick many boxes at once.”

Cabin 915 Paradise beach

How do clients respond when you present your Lumion renders?

“Our clients often don’t expect the quality of presentation or have even used us for this very reason. Its an added bonus for them to visualize their product.” Win win…

Pieter Boshoff – DMV Architecture