Full objects library

Infuse your designs with the energy of real-life spaces and environments with 1,796 objects available in the Lumion 9 content library and 5,259 in the Lumion Pro library. From interiors to exteriors, forests and beaches to dense urban scenes, the content library shaves hours off the rendering process as you can quickly find thousands of common objects.

lumion materials - Lumion Product

Full materials library

With the highly realistic materials in Lumion, it’s easier than ever to quickly convert the blank skeleton of your 3D model into a lively scene teeming with color, depth and feeling.

With Lumion Pro, you’ll have access to 1,120 beautiful materials that you can instantly add and pull your audience into the structure of your design.

lakehousepatagonia 1024x576 - Lumion Product
lumion materials - Lumion Product

Sky Light 2 and Real Skies

Instant, wondrous skies to take your breath away. With 39 Real Skies in Lumion 9, it takes a single click to immerse your design in the blues of a summer day, the black-grey suspense of a coming storm or the serenity of a twilight afterglow. (*Real Skies are Pro Only)

rain light version - Lumion Product

Atmospheric Rain and Snow (Pro only)

Express the real feeling of your designs with the new Atmospheric Rain and Snow. With just a click, you can create everything from the light drizzle to a full-blown downpour, the winter flurry to a whiteout blizzard. The Atmospheric Rain and Snow is located under the Precipitation effect in Photo and Movie mode.

GrassShowcaseLandscape 1024x576 - Lumion Product

Customizable 3D Grass

Spice up your herbaceous landscape designs and add a variety of realistic grasses to your parks, gardens, lawns and more with the new 3D Real Grass released  in Lumion 9.

Furry materials

Soft to the touch. Colorful and fluffy. For the ultra-comfy blanket or rug, the new furry material provides a charm that’s second-to-none.

soft edges545x307 - Lumion Product

Soften hard edges

In real life, the edges of any surfaces generally appear slightly rounded or worn. They are never perfectly sharp. With the edges slider, your model will take on a more natural and weathered look, one better representing the real qualities of physical homes and buildings. Impart age and realism by smoothening the edges of adjacent faces. Soften the corners of brick, concrete, wood and other materials. A simple slider movement, a more realistic building. Easy. Effective.

hand drawn outlines - Lumion Product

Hand-drawn outlines

Lumion  makes it easy to clearly communicate the form of your design with the “hand-drawn” outline effect. Apply it together with photorealistic, sketch or artistic effects to draw a focus to your building’s general shape and form. It’s the bones of your design, rendered beautifully and easily.

Tilt shift

There’s something about a maquette that computer-generated renders can’t replace. By applying the tilt shift effect, your design becomes part of a miniature world. With a viewpoint above your model in Lumion, the tilt shift effect changes the plane of focus and blurs the foreground and background. It’s a camera effect which transforms your CAD model into a scaled-down version of the real thing.

tilt shift545x307 - Lumion Product
model variation gif - Lumion Product

Model and material variation

Is the wood-focused flooring a good fit with the stone walls? Which will your client like more, Design A or Design B? Perhaps the home’s siding and patio are proving tricky to match. Whatever the case, the new variation control effect is an easy way to compare multiple options for materials and models. Your clients will find it convenient when balancing a range of concept options and choosing a look they can be satisfied with. As the architect, this feature speeds up your workflow when researching and communicating the best design solution.

measuring tools545x307 - Lumion Product

Measuring tools

Whether confirming the distance between two pieces of furniture or checking the perimeter of a garden, the new measuring tools in Lumion help you make quick measurement checks without needing to go back to your modeling software. As a workflow improvement, the on-screen measuring tools help you verify distances, ensuring the precision and scale of your model.

foliage - Lumion Product

Foliage for materials

With the unique ability to transform simple shapes into realistic foliage, customized leafy hedges can be made of any shape and size you can imagine. Add creeping ivy (and other climbing plants) along entire surfaces like walls or statues. Or add a simple touch of green on the ground. Whether you need to cover whole walls with one of Lumion’s nine climbing plant presets, or you’re adding a dash of leafiness to existing materials, you’ll breathe new life into your design.

open street map

OpenStreetMap (Beta Functionality)

Put your models on the map with OpenStreetMap. This functionality allows you to directly pick a location anywhere on Earth. Lumion then generates corresponding 3D maps by importing 2D data from the OpenStreetMap database.

ResidentialHome o - Lumion Product

Area Light and Light Strip

Aea light and light strip provide a broad range of exciting possibilities, allowing you to enhance both interiors and exteriors with lights that go beyond the simple spotlight. Within seconds, you can throw in some cove lighting, add warmth to a room with the subtle lighting of a surface, or simulate daylight shining through a window, all to help clients fully step into the world you’ve created.

GreenhouseShowcaseInterior - Lumion Product


Glass is widely used in architecture and good visualizations require that it is rendered accurately. PureGlass® technology gives you access to transparent, translucent or frosted glass that looks more compelling and realistic than ever.

speedray - Lumion Product

Speedray™ Reflections

Without good reflections it is impossible to create good looking glass, water, marble, wood or metal surfaces. Materials come to life with realistic reflections. Speedray™ Reflections offer the opportunity to massively improve image quality with little extra render time. In Lumion Pro reflective surfaces are automatically improved at the flick of a switch.

lumion people - Lumion Product

High-quality people models

Lumion Pro continues to expand its already huge content library with more high-quality animated 3D people from AXYZ Design. In Lumion Pro , 143 animated 3D people take on new poses, like sitting or walking.

lumion environments - interior restaurant

Extra plant and tree models

Lumion Pro features almost 3 times as many trees and plant models. The extended model library includes more species and extra variations on species you get in the standard library.

measuring tools545x307 1 - Lumion Product

Merge scenes

A great tool for collaboration is the ability to merge content from a scene file with your current scene. This feature is essential for people working in teams because it allows you to work on a single scene with multiple people.