168 new realistic materials

With 168 new materials available in Lumion 8, including 100 HD materials from Poliigon, you can instantly place your design in a setting you can “feel,” “hear” and vicariously experience. Add city sidewalks and cobblestone streets that are incredible in their realism and texture. Create stunning brutalist structures with new concrete materials, and pull your viewers into your interiors with amazingly realistic fabrics. You can even make glass that’s still dripping wet from a fresh rain or a long shower.

These materials with finely detailed texture maps are the secret ingredient for viewers to “touch” the walls, “smell” the leather of the living room couch and “hear” the sound of feet moving across the floor.

New water

Available in the material library

  • 168 new materials are available in Lumion 8 Pro. These include:
  • 20 new water presets, each with a specific colour and style
  • 17 new soil types, including gravel and pebbles
  • 51 new metal materials
  • 15 new concrete and 23 new stone materials
  • 12 city street sidewalks
  • 10 new wallpapers
  • 1 wet glass (Pro only)

All of the materials in Lumion are of the highest quality, and they can be altered via weathering, soft edges (Pro only) and more. With the new additions, the total number of materials in Lumion 8 Pro is 1,019.

streetside w dog

New objects in the Content Library* (Pro Only)

Breathe life into your designs with 734 new HD objects available in Lumion 8. Catering to interiors, exteriors, landscapes and urban centers, these new objects are purely extravagant in detail, surface shading and texture.

Highly detailed birch and maple trees, for instance, allow for realistic geolocation-based rendering, whether your project is in America, China, Europe or elsewhere. For residential scenes and cities, you can show the hustle and bustle with luxurious sports cars, an animated dog walker and animated bicyclists. When furnishing an interior, there are hundreds of new decoration and food items to instantly give your renders that “lived-in” feel.

Here’s the complete list of what’s new in the Lumion 8 Pro content library:

Bikes and Dogs

Available in the content library*

734 new objects are available in Lumion 8 Pro. These include:

  • 74 new tree species from around the globe, including variations in shape and size.
  • 595 indoor objects ranging from high-quality decorations, beds, desks, office and home furnishings, food and drinks and many more.
  • 26 outdoor objects, including satellite dishes, glass awnings, information signs and more.
  • 25 new character poses and animations, including men, women, children, and pets (including a dog).
  • 14 new vehicle models, including HD cars, sports cars and bicycles.

All of the new objects are HD quality, and the new additions bring the total number of objects in the Lumion 8 Pro content library to 4,395.

*Some content only available in Lumion Pro.

New output and interface improvements

4K movie rendering*

Transform the “good” into “whoa” by rendering your architectural movies in stunning 4K resolution. Made for showing off your work on a 4K screen, Lumion 8’s new ultra-high resolution movie rendering capability showcases the light, shadows and details of your model at the highest level of image clarity available today. Give your projects a visual edge that just can’t be replaced.

*4K movie rendering requires a graphics card with 6GB of memory.


Create your own object library

The Lumion library is renowned for its quality and size. When importing objects, the library gets even bigger and it can sometimes take a little time to retrieve the exact object you need. With Lumion 8, you can ease your workflow by creating your own library and categorizing imported objects in an easy-to-find format. All you need is a few seconds to locate the 3D suede sofa you imported months ago or that one-of-a-kind decorative bowl that’s essential to finish your render.


Save screen and dialogue improvements

In Lumion 8, new and improved save screen and dialogue boxes make it easier to organize your scene file into the correct folder. Retrieve or update your project with the confidence that your files are stored where you want them, whether locally on your computer or on a network.