Model and material variation (Pro Only)

Is the wood-focused flooring a good fit with the stone walls? Which will your clients like more, Design A or Design B? Perhaps the home’s siding and patio are proving tricky to match. Whatever the case, the new variation control effect is an easy way to compare multiple options for materials and models. Your clients will find it convenient when balancing a range of concept options and choosing a look they can be satisfied with. As the architect, this Lumion 8 feature speeds up your workflow when researching and communicating the best design solution.


Better colour correction

Are the colours too cold? Too dull? Overexposed? In Lumion 8, you can easily dress your model in its best light with the new colour correction improvements. Tune up colour temperature for a “warm” mood. Adjust the vibrancy for increased colour intensity without saturation. You can even temper the sharp contrasts by making the shadows a little lighter.


Time Warp

A seagull has flown past at exactly the wrong moment, an animated person’s arm has mysteriously swung into the building’s facade. Through the new Time Warp effect in Lumion 8, you can implement a time offset to shift the small movements of animated people, animals and objects. Toggle time backwards. Or forwards. Your animated objects will now adjust their positions so they pose exactly in the right way, at the right time.


New layer functions

In Lumion 8, the layer effects feature has been improved and is now easier than ever to apply. It enables a straightforward workflow when showing selected layers in images or animations. You can also use it to demonstrate phasing by assigning subsections of your design to different layers. No matter the project, the new layer effect function is easier and faster to apply.


New and improved camera effects

Tilt shift (Pro Only)

There’s something about a maquette that computer-generated renders can’t replace. By applying the new tilt shift effect in Lumion 8, your design becomes part of a miniature world. With a viewpoint above your model in Lumion, the tilt shift effect changes the plane of focus and blurs the foreground and background. It’s a camera effect which transforms your CAD model into a scaled-down version of the real thing.


“Look at fixed point” for the handheld camera effect

Create an impressive first-person video and never lose sight of the most important parts of your design. As an addition to the handheld camera effect, the new “Look at fixed point” option in Lumion 8 lets you lock the camera onto a single target point.


2-Point Perspective slider

New in Lumion 8, the two-point perspective slider allows you to move along a spectrum adjusting the degree of 2-point perspective that’s applied. You’ll have greater control straightening structures that look like they’re leaning over while correcting lines that seem skewed and disorientating. From many viewpoints, this effect imparts a cleaner and more geometrically accurate look, giving it a solid, realistic appearance.


New grouping function

Trees, plants, cars, people. Furniture, lights, decorations and more. Now, with the new grouping feature, it’s possible to bunch multiple objects together and control them all at once. Whether a table and its furnishings, a plant and its pot or a lampshade and its light element, discover ease and ultimate control as you rotate, scale and move several objects together without losing the arrangements you carefully prepared.


Mass placement for curved shapes

Landscapers rejoice! For Lumion 8, you can use the mass placement feature to instantly place numerous objects in complex shapes, including curves. With just a few clicks, plant multiple trees that follow the winding curved contours of your garden design. Quickly fill your roundabout with a buzzing fleet of cars. Hold CTRL, set the corner smoothness and you can mass place objects in any winding shape you like.


New measuring tools (Pro Only)

Whether confirming the distance between two pieces of furniture or checking the perimeter of a garden, the new measuring tools in Lumion 8 help you make quick measurement checks without needing to go back to your modeling software. As a workflow improvement, the on-screen measuring tools help you verify distances, ensuring the precision and scale of your model.


New tools for OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMaps is a fantastic tool for instantly placing your design in a real-life setting. In Lumion 8, it’s now possible to hide and show the imported OSM buildings. This way, you can easily put your model right in the center of a big city, such as NYC, without other buildings getting in your view.


Beautiful new water

From the waterfront to the city fountain to the mansion with a swimming pool, Lumion is renowned for its realistic water. Lumion 8 raises the bar with even more water options to suit your specific context. The water itself looks more realistic than ever and there are twenty new water presets, with calmer surfaces, enhanced surface realism, transparency and rippling. Achieving beautiful water is just a click away.


Soften hard edges (Pro Only)

In real life, the edges of any surfaces generally appear slightly rounded or worn. They are never perfectly sharp. With the new edges slider in Lumion 8, your model will take on a more natural and weathered look, one better representing the real qualities of physical homes and buildings. Impart age and realism by smoothening the edges of adjacent faces. Soften the corners of brick, concrete, wood and other materials. A simple slider movement, a more realistic building. Easy. Effective.