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Is it accurate that Paragon Group has been operating for
near on 22 years? How did you come into existence?

“Yes, that is correct, Paragon Architects was formed in October 1997 by Anthony Orelowitz and Henning Rasmuss and formalised under its current name, “Paragon Group” in February 1999.”

While it is clear that you work on many commercial projects, what is the Paragon Groups preferred area of design/design style?

“It is true that commercial projects are our main focus, Paragon Architects (and the Paragon Group as a whole) have become more involved in multiple development types, ranging from industrial, high-density housing, mixed use, retail and schools, to name but a few.”

“Paragon Group is one of our longest standing Lumion users, how many years have you in fact been using Lumion?

“We started using Lumion 4 on a trial basis in November 2013 and purchased a licensed copy by end of that month.”

Paragon Group has without fail chosen to upgrade with each new Lumion Version that has been released, why do you feel that it is so important to acquire these new versions?

“Our work is driven by true passion for the process of architecture and we invest in technology as a key component in our aim to be amongst the front-runners within the architecture field. In the process of achieving this, we identified the need to stay up to date with new Lumion releases as this software plays a major role in our visualisation and marketing workflows. Furthermore, as Lumion has improved in features and media-output quality over the years, our quality of deliverable visualisation media has also improved, and it is still the most time efficient software package of its kind.”

Has Paragon Group experienced an increase in the ability to win large contracts since implementing Lumion into the client communication process?

“Yes, over the last six years Lumion has played an invaluable role in the way we present and communicate our architectural designs to our clients in almost all our projects.”

Has Paragon Group found that the ease of using Lumion gives a competitive advantage when competing with others on complex and detailed designs? 

“Yes, because of the ease of use and speed at which quality visualisation media can be delivered by using Lumion, we are able to deliver a larger quantity of media items in various formats. We are no longer limited to only still renders on a short project deadline, Lumion has made it possible for us to deliver any combination of deliverable items, be it still renders, fly-throughs or 360° panoramic views.”

Paragon Group has landed some awards, has Lumion aided in the design process of any projects where awards have been won? 

“Yes, Lumion was used extensively for the interior design process of Paragon Interface (part of the Paragon Group of companies) for Discovery Place which we won the German Design Award for recently.”

If the Paragon Group designers could tell any potential Lumion users why they would recommend Lumion over other rendering programmes what would it be?

“The ease of use of Lumion combined with the speed at which high quality visualisation media can be created cannot easily be matched by any other software packages or suites currently available. Once the features within Lumion have been explored and the software package used in an actual project, it will be difficult for a user to return to other render programmes.”

Emile Maritz, Visualisation Manager – “Lumion has allowed us to deliver high quality visualisation media in an “easy to use” workflow which cannot be easily matched by other software packages”

Jess McClelland, Visualisation Artist – “Lumion is a fantastic tool for architectural visualisation, it allows for fast viewing, numerous effects and rendering”

Ashna Premji, Junior Visualisation Artist – “Lumion is great for producing fast results with a substantially big library that is easily accessible to add to your renders. You do not need any specific training to use this software you learn mostly from experience”