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SAOTA is an award-winning, international design firm based in Cape Town, South Africa with projects in over 86 countries – working on six continents. The firm is established in key cities around the world including Sydney, Lagos, Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Moscow, Dakar, Saint Tropez and more recently São Paulo and Shenzhen. Founded in 1986, SAOTA is known for its contemporary designs which display clean lines, pure forms and a powerful connection to the landscape and the context of each site. Over the past few years, SAOTA has adopted and incorporated Lumion as part of their daily workflow and it has become a crucial design tool that transforms how spaces are conceived, designed and delivered to clients and suppliers.

Below are the top 5 LUMION
software features as highlighted by

1. Advanced Materials

“A variety of high-quality realistic material options – including textures and reflections – allow for accurate design representation. Materials can be manipulated easily, creating moveable and true to form spaces. Lumion also allows for real-time changes which enable material updates to be viewed as and when they are made. It assists SAOTA in making informed design decisions ranging from space planning to façade design, landscaping, lighting, window configuration and shading details. SAOTA’s designs connect indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly and capture light to make the interior spaces glow. In Lumion, one can adapt the ambient lighting or artificial lights to better understand the full lighting profile of a project.”

Project: Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany

2. Camera Advantages

“Camera options are customisable, with efficient access to multiple camera angles. It is easy to manage camera sets with views only required to be shot once. Lumion enables SAOTA to shoot renders at a fast pace with an almost unlimited number of renders that can be produced per project. An additional advantage is the WASD manoeuvrability.”

Project: Neuländer Quarree, Hamburg, Germany

3. Video and Walk Through

“Lumion videos have become a key design tool. The software offers customisable video camera options, enables smooth transitions between spaces, and has various focal lengths. The camera movement – to pan and revolve – assists with creating cinematic realism.”

Project: Imholz, Marbella, Spain

4. Enviromental Features

“Given SAOTA’s global presence, it is important to accurately illustrate the environment and context for each project. Lumion empowers the manipulation of vegetation, realistic skies and natural light – whether day, night or dusk. The landscape and character of the project locations help reinforce and define the architectural language. SAOTA’s buildings have powerful connections to landscapes and it is key to render indigenous vegetation and nature scenes true to the project’s location. With a Lumion library of more than 1500 plants, accurate landscape design is possible.”

Project: Caribbean Villa, Trinidad and Tabago

5. Efficient Model Management

“Lumion offers several efficient modelling techniques. A top technique for SAOTA is the capability to reduce a model’s polygon count without negatively affecting the resolution of the model. The quick iteration abilities enable the fast and efficient upload speed from Revit to Lumion with the material selections being customisable and compatible with Revit.”

Project: Oculus, Stockholm, Sweden

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